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Access control systems

If you need a really effective way to control access to the territory of the enterprise, office, or if you want to limit employee access to the different areas, facilities - use computerized access control system.

Access Control Systems can "identify" visitors by an electronic key, magnetic card, remote key. “Reader” devices, which perform recognition, can be reprogrammed at any time to change the terms and list of authorized persons.

The next restricting access mechanisms can be used:

  • electromagnetic locks
  • turnstiles
  • electromagnetic wickets
  • and other devices.

First of all, this is a highly effective tool for the security service, allowing you to: archive events, modify the access rights "on the fly", monitor the current location of workers, more accurately identify visitors at the entrance (so the system can show visitor’s photo on the guard’s monitor).

The access control system provides a record of staff time.

The various categories of buildings can be equipped by access control systems, including:

  • offices (clockhouse, passing through office)
  • hotels, exhibition centers (registration halls)
  • banks and financial institutions
  • recreational facilities (casinos, night clubs)

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