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TeamWARE - Enterprise workflow automatization system

ДWorkflow from UCL – is a combination of the best solutions to achieve the goal.

1. Functionality

  • Software tools of TEAMWARE Office group management system;
  • Company Guide;
  • Corporate e-mail with Internet access;
  • Calendar - a tool for planning and tasks control;
  • Library - an electronic archive of documents;
  • Forum - the corporate electronic bulletin and discussion board;
  • E-referent - to keep users informed  about  the statuses and events  in the system of management and execution scheduled tasks;
  • Built-in Webserver for remote controlled access to the information;
  • For the administrator - developed tools of self diagnostics and hot backup, the means of control and configuration access, powerful auditing of services and users, and system log instruments.

"Document" system:

  • Designed to record incoming and outgoing official correspondence, tracking links, sending documents to executors and monitoring of progress.
  • Ensuring safety of electronic registration cards of incoming and outgoing documents, re-entered documents and the incoming documents responses.
  • Оn-line search for the documents by the specified criteria to review and print.
  • Аutomatization of the distribution and monitoring of the documents execution progress.
  • Mailing messages and reminders via corporate e-mail or Teamware Office calendar with alarm and rendering them on a personal electronic assistant.
  • Storage and search of electronic copies of documents in the Teamware Office Library.

2. Convenience of interface

There are several  interfaces to choose:

  • Windows + MS Office usual environment
  • Web interface
  • Standard interface
  • "Document" - specialized workflow applications interface

3. Security

Special administrative programs - system administrator and a organization directory provide:
  • Password access to the Teamware Office resources (login, password change, the number of attempts to enter a password, password complexity, the period of the password, time delay between unsuccessful attempts to set a password, messages to administrator in case of unsuccessful attempts to login).
  • System records to log all system events - login, configuration changes, access to information, etc.
  • Access to information in the system using the name and password registration so that even the system administrator do not have access to personal information without your permission.
  • Аdministrator determines the budgets of memory to store and process information for groups or users individually to protect the system overload.
  • When approaching the maximum values ​​of the budget users and administrators receives messages as well as tips how to revise the situation.
  • Access to the information using the file system is impossible because it is stored in a compressed format specially encoded (special document-oriented database).
  • The system provides the following access rights to the information - no access, to see a list of documents in the library, read, write, read and write, modify documents, modify the library (the highest level).
  • Access parameters to the documents is determined by the administrator or authorized executor whom the administrator has delegated rights to this document library.

4. Reliability

Reliability is provided by a special database data restore programs and archive data scripts. Also the built in viruses resistance system.

5. Scalability

The architecture of the main server and server add-ons (separate services Teamware Office) is supported for distribution of capacity. Enterprise may have system with multi-branch and multi-server architecture.

6. Operating environment

The software is a complete client-server system. The client’s component runs on Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/2000. The server component - Microsoft Windows NT/2000, Linux OS family, Sun Solaris (Sparc).

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