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Nowadays, the time of a huge amount of diversified information even in a small organization, the task of data transfer has the same great importance as the task of its processing. Speed, reliability, ease of transmission media are the most important conditions in the entire communication network for any company. To reduce the total cost of ownership of cable systems, extend operational continuity and ensure a transfer of all types of data once paved trails are the main functions of structured cabling system (SCS).

Since 1998 the company "UCL" fulfills orders on the design, installation and certification of structured cabling systems in accordance with the industry standards ANSІ TІ/EІ-568-V, ІSO/ per IEC 11801. The company has implemented projects of complex multilevel computer networks with hundreds of workstations in a single informational space.


Certificates and licenses

In 1998, "UCL" received a State license to perform the design, installation and commissioning of engineering equipment and communications in construction. High qualification of "UCL" specialists  is confirmed by the certificates of companies - manufacturers of active and passive network equipment, including: Reichle & De-Massari, AMP Netconnect / Tyco electronics, Cisco, Allied Telesys, 3COM, etc

Each SCS project is developed with the wishes of the customer and includes the solution of complex problems related to the creation, implementation and operation of the object being created. The possible expansion of the customer's company, changing its structure, number of personnel, a change of use and intensity of jobs are taken into account during the design phase of the project. Depending on the project, the customer is provided with the technical and commercial proposal, which contains specifications and relevant explanations.

SCS Products:

  • execution of the structured cabling systems (SCS) implementation projects;
  • delivery of components of SCS and equipment;
  • installation work;
  • testing and certification of the SCS.

After completion of the installation phase the electrical parameters of cable system is tested for the requirements of the standards TIA 568-B.2, ISO 11 801 ed2002. The customer gets a work paper that contains the form of the cable system with specifications fixed at the time of certification.

Cable testers with the accuracy class Level III and the frequency range 350 MHz allows to:

  • make the certification of cable systems in compliance with SCS standards;
  • test cable systems of D, E classes;
  • check the parameters of fiber-optic communication lines in the wavelengths of 850 and 1300nm;
  • identify and locate the faults in the SCS.


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