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Allied Telesys Service center

The "UCL" company is  the official "Allied Telesys" partner for warranty support in Ukraine.

We conduct replacement of faulty Allied Telesys (AT) equipment during the warranty period for end user.

Step by step instruction for warranty and after warranty Allied Telesys service

Necessary forms of documents (in attachment): Download: atirmaprocedureua.rar

1. Please, read carefully the conditions of return of the equipment (RMA POLICY in attachment).
2.  Fill out the Request Form in English (RMA FORM in attachment).
You only need to fill in the fields with blue text by input your data instead of text in them.
Please, put the problem description in English to the message header.
Attention! You may receive bills in case of non-warranty repair or if you do not return defective equipment.
If you applied for the service of multiple devices, then enter them all into one form, if necessary, adding new lines.
Please, send the completed form to: support_ru@alliedtelesis.com
3. Get the answer from the AT support Moscow Center with your “Call id #”.
4. Put your “Call id #” number into the previously filled out form.
5. Send completed from with “Call id #” number to the e-mail address: support_ru@alliedtelesis.com
6. Prepare Troubleshooting Act  (AKT DEFEKTOVKI in attachment) and defective equipment for shipment.
You can fill out one act at all defective devices.
It should be done in Russian language in triplicate, stamped and signed by your organization.
Act number may be determined by you and define company representative as a manager.
Triplicate of Act (3 originals) put into the box with the faulty equipment.
Every defective device must be packed in separate box!
Country of origin (country of manufacture), can be found either in the original packaging or on the device itself.
NOTHING except the defective unit should be sent! 
Do not return the external power supplies, cables, cords, manuals, software on CD/DVDs,
rack mount kit, additional modules, etc.
7. After receiving the confirmation about replacement or warranty repair from the
European Customer Support Centre (Europa RMA) with the assigned RMA number, 
please, write this RMA number on the box(s) with faulty equipment
and contact the "UCL" company for equipment delivery.
"UCL" - E-mail: callcenter@ucl.com.ua Phone: (044) 390-52-00 
Please, follow the listed instructions.
If you did not receive replacement within 30 working days, please, inform us of this.
Allied Telesis Austria GmbH | Moscow Office | Korovy val, 7-1, office 190 | 119049 Moscow | Russia
Tel: +7 495 9358585 ext.116 | Fax: +7 495 9358586
    E-mail: support_ru@alliedtelesis.com | www.alliedtelesis.ru | forum.alliedtelesis.ru
    - Starting from the 1st of August, 2009 to receive L2/L3 levels support a valid service contract   контракт:
    - If you have no valid contract the access to the next resources is still available:

Центральный офис:
04073, Украина, г. Киев,
ул. Скляренко 15
e-mail: ucl@ucl.com.ua

тел.:  +38 (044) 390 - 52 - 00
           +38 (044) 467 - 56 - 22
факс: +38 (044) 390 - 52 - 01

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