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ATS (PBX) installation and setup

«ATS(PBX) monitor» - phone calls tracking software


Software for tracking and accounting of telephone calls passing through the office telephone station. It can be used with office PBX, with an optional printer, and has following features:

  • Collect information on telephone calls made
  • Identify the types of phone calls (outer, inner, city, etc.)
  • Calculate the cost of telephone communication sessions using open for editing reference tariffs
  • Perform automated monthly archiving of the accumulated information
  • Review current information and information from archives created by the program
  • Perform a variety of samples from the accumulated information
  • Extract statistical information from current savings, archives, or samples
  • Print reports of current stocks, records, samples, statistics
  • Export the data to MS Excel, MS Word or NotePad
  • Simultaneous operation of “ATS(PBX) Monitor” on several workstations in a computer network

The data obtained with " ATS(PBX) Monitor" can be used to forecast the bills for telephone calls, analyze the use of phones, analyze telephone exchange workload, distribution, payment distribution of telephone conversations between organizations using the same telephone exchange.

System and Technical Requirements

The software requires one of the following operating systems: Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

Installation of the system is designed to operate on a single computer connected to the PBX or installed on multiple workstations on a network and one computer as a server system that is running "ATS(PBX) monotor" and connect to PBX.

Мinimum System Requirements: Pentium 200 MMX with 32Mb RAM and 40Mb of free disk space.

Optimal System Requirements: Celeron 1800 c 512Mb RAM and 300Mb free disk space.


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