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IP - telecommunication

Every growing company, while providing its employees with telephony, data access, Internet, email, instant message, etc., is faced with the need to increase spending on communications equipment and services, and technical difficulties in providing mobility for the key personnel.

We offer a universal low-cost, scalable solution based on new standards and technologies, enabling significant savings for the organization of new work places and, more important, they are much cheaper to operate than traditional analog and digital solutions.

Communication corporate portal based on the SIP protocol (Session Initiation Protocol)

Designed for organizations:

  • telephone on the basis of existing LAN (IP-telephony over data network VoIP)
  • videoconferencing
  • voice mail
  • gateway to the urban telephone networks
  • shared access to data

Allows to:

  • provide telephone service for all staff without having to connect telephones
  • organize videoconference
  • exchange voice messages
  • use IP-telephony services automatically
  • determine whether the employee in the workplace
  • exchange messages instantly
  • save and maintain company’s address books, corporate event calendars, forums, databases, etc.

Advantages over traditional analog and digital solutions:

  • оrganization of more effective communications system
  • the possibility of building corporate portal based on existing communications infrastructure that allows to save company already invested funds
  • flexibility and scalability
  • the use of open architecture, allowing the easy system expansion capabilities
  • low cost of equipment
  • significant reduction of communication cost
  • сreation of a mobile infrastructure that allows employees to work more productively by contacting any professional at any time and receive information in real time, reducing the time of decision-making
  • increase the efficiency of business communications, improving information and knowledge management, improve information security

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