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Vision inspection (CCTV) systems

Modern CCTV systems are considered to be one of the most informative means of security and process control due to a number of their technical psychological benefits. These systems are structurally simple, easy to build up, modernized and do not require constant maintenance in practice. They provide continuous monitoring of controlled territory and allow to "go back", if it’s needed, referring to the video archive. Moreover, they play a crucial role in solving optimization problems of all control and safety systems, minimizing the human factor.

Today, the «UCL» company develops and implements unique technologies of transfer and storage of video data, pattern recognition and biometrics. The company has implemented a range of complex CCTV projects, independent or closely integrated in the access control systems.

Among our customers – there are large enterprises with a special access regime, chains of retail stores, offices, restaurants and recreational facilities. For each of our clients, we develop and design such a surveillance system that best meets the facility infrastructure and the conditions of the client.

We offer:

  • CCTV systems – one camera system or a large, geographically distributed systems;
  • complex, integrated systems, combined with access control and alarm system;
  • hidden cameras, wireless cameras, night vision cameras with infra-red illumination;
  • remote video surveillance systems to monitor geographically distant objects;
  • intelligent systems that can analyze visual information (eg, identify license plates, staff or visitors faces);
  • dummy cameras, which create absolute imitation of the surveillance system existence;
  • development of our own software and hardware modules adapted to the specific needs of any customer.

Technical support:

Realizing the importance of CCTV systems in control and security systems of companies, we provide after-sales (guarantee and after guarantee) technical support 24x7x365 mode - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In addition, we undertake all work associated with routine maintenance of the installed video surveillance systems.  

«UCL» company is an official partner of the leading Russian ITV company and has all necessary rights for the implementation of projects of building an integrated safety and video control systems  based on the next products:


Depending on your objectives, scope and budget of the object, we will develop for you an optimum surveillance system design

For any questions, please, contact us:



Компания является официальным партнером компании Integrated Technical Vision Ltd и обладает всеми необходимыми правами и опытом для реализации комплексных проектов по построению интегрированных систем контроля доступа.

Компания является официальным парнером-интегратором компании "Интеллект.Технологии. Видео."  одного из лидеров мирового рынка в области разработки интеллектуальных интегрированных систем безопасности и видеонаблюдения



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